Documenting Oslo: graffiti.


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Presenting Oslo Street Photography:

Urban Oslo and “the Shift”:

an ongoing online exhibition documenting street images in Oslo, Norway from 2010 to 2013.


Part four: street images from the Grünerløkka & Gamle Oslo neighbourhoods (Oslo):

Beauty, ugliness, art, trash, purposeful and incidental uses (and “misuses”) of grammar and spelling in the environment of the internet and in vandalism as art (eg. “graffiti” vs. “grafitti”, and other plays on words and “kebab terms” etc.), the meaningful and the mundane … these are all relative, especially in such fluid times as these. There is a shift of consciousness underway, and the transitional spurts sometimes happen so quickly that it can be difficult to remember how the world was just yesterday.

– All photographic works on these pages copyright Adam Donaldson Powell.

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